Kenai Blue

Kenai Blue


    A handy changing bag with many small storage compartments in which a pack of disposable diapers, a first teddy bear, a cuddle cloth and more can be discovered.


  • a changing bag “King Bear”
  • a teddy bear “King Bear”
  • a cuddle cloth “King Bear”
  • 45 disposable diapers “Pampers” 5-9 kg
  • a bath cape in fine terry “King Bear”
  • a white towel and 2 face cloths “Jules Clarysse”
  • a light blue towel and 2 face cloths “Jules Clarysse”
  • 2 white mouth cloths (30 x 30) “Jules Clarysse”
  • a glow-in-the-dark pacifier “Avent”
  • a pacifier clip “Avent”
  • a feeding bottle 125 ml “Avent”
  • a white romper with en embroidered little bear “King Bear”
  • a light blue romper with an embroidered little bear “King Bear”
  • 3 bibs “King Bear”
  • a pair of satin shoes “King Bear”

Additional information

Weight 3,7 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm

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